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It's time for Augmented Reality Era to augment reality!
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Bixma’s vision

BiXma is the long awaited blossoming of augmented reality technology. We develop exceptional products with unique unmatched features to boost IOT, interfacing, advertising, gaming, education, among different business fields to another level.

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BiXma’s platform

BiXma devoted three years to engineer its own top-notch platform to fully control the evolution of our products, your needs. BiXma’s platform unique features place BiXma among a very small club of Augmented Reality core developers worldwide.

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Applied Augmented Reality

BiXma’s Applied Augmented Reality concept (AAR) transforms augmented reality from being a cool technology to become a utility technology for the mass. Augmented Reality is the futuristic replacement to many current classical solutions. We tackle them one at a time.

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A leading brand by 2018

BiXma’s strategic objective is to become a leading player in the global market. Augmented Reality is a technology with immense potentials yet to be utilized. We dive in this mine of opportunities, convert it to products and services fulfilling global needs.


BiXma Augmented Reality platform
BiXma platform pioneers applied Augmnted Reality

BiXma is the first augmented reality platform to offer multi content per marker augmentation, adding unlimited digital content of videos, images, 3D models, audio, HTML5 pages, you name it! All well integrated through BiXma's AR sliding module.

BiXma platform is developed for AR games, thus the top notch 3d modeling, animation, and streaming quality. Combined with native AOP platform and HTML5 in-app rendering, the potentials are limitless.

Advanced digital content specifications:

1) Track-able cloud integrated live video streaming without heavy HTML. 2) Out-of-the-box interactive 3D objects cloud streaming. 3) Interactive scripted streaming. 4) Real-time augmented broadcasting.

  • Our skies draw no limits.

  • A step forward everyday.

  • That's the roaring of our engines.

  • BiXma standards make no compromise.

Current products

Digital Eye

BiXma AR explorer
Digital Eye is the only AR explorer with multi, diverse content per marker. An out-of-the-box solution to embed the best diversity of digital content into any publication. A leading AR explorer for the market.


Websites and apps replacement
Check a website on your smart phone and suffer the small font, packed images and pages squeezed on that small screen. BiXma showrooms break the screens dimensions limitations and introduce a new interfacing era!


Augmented Reality Games
From raising a virtual pet at home, to joining Vogza competitions, or hunting Zombies in your city, we bring games out of virtual parallel universe to real life.


Customized products
“BiXma products are awesome! But I have a very specific augmented reality product in mind!” Have no hesitation to bring your idea to reality. Contact us and we develop it for you.

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